Jane Langley

jane-pilates-class240Contact Jane: janeslangley@hotmail.com – 0777 355 3327

Jane has always been into movement, having danced since she was three. Studying a degree in Fine Art sculpture she created dance installation work for her final show and realised she just had to move. With a successful career for ten years teaching and performing her own contemporary fusion of African and Caribbean dance, Jane also became a craft and activities instructor with the RNID and an assistant in a dance therapy studio.

After several years with an undiagnosed prolapsed disc, Jane tried working in an office but found she just couldn’t sit still!  Her next step was to retrain as an art teacher through the Cambridge University where she also taught classes in dance and physical theatre.

Jane underwent a discectomy in the 90’s and for rehabilitation practiced Pilates religiously and has never stopped.  Jane is passionate about Pilates and feels that it has changed her life so much for the better, by maintaining not just the body but focusing the mind to enhance a sense of wellbeing.

After 13 years of practicing Pilates Jane recently completed her teacher training with Pilates Foundation UK, one of the leading Pilates association in the UK. Jane is thrilled to be able to now share the benefits of Pilates with others.

Contact Jane: janeslangley@hotmail.com – 0777 355 3327