Monthly Archives: November 2014

New Massage therapist

This month we are delighted to introduce you to our new massage therapist, Gwen Corbet, who will be practising at Pure Moves from January 2015. Originally from Holland, Gwen has recently relocated to the UK and brings with her over 10 years’ experience and has been trained in varied massage techniques. Gwen can tailor-make your massage to your individual needs.… Read more →

Reiki Spotlight

Marie Moxey, our new Reiki therapist at Pure Moves. What is Reiki? Reiki is a wonderful healing modality. Dr Mikao Usui originally developed Reiki, in the early 20th Century in Japan. Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’ in Japanese. This ‘Universal Energy’ traditionally indicated by the Chakra system, flows through the human body, in and around the physical body. This is the… Read more →