Go to ClassSwap to post and take up a class

Please note:

  • This is a self-service system we offer to our clients. All make ups must be managed using ClassSwap. If you are unable to use the system for any reason, please seek help in the first instance from your class teacher.
  • In order to swap a class you can’t attend, you need to post it first. Select your class and enter your date of absence.
  • You can start posting your absences on ClassSwap 6 days before a new half term starts.
  • You have up until 18 hours before a class starts to post your absence
  • You have 6 weeks from the posted class date to claim a make up class.
  • Equipment class absences can be made up in mat classes but not the other way round.
  • If you post a class by mistake you can reverse it, however please note, there may be a system time lag and your reverted swap might not show immediately. Do check back later if necessary. Be sure to act quickly to reinstate your attendance otherwise it could be claimed.