Coronavirus information

This page will be updated as new guidelines are issued.
Last updated: 19th July 2021

We are NOW OPEN with group classes and 1:1s now in studio.

No changes will be made to our safety protocols following 19th July easing of covid rules as we feel a staggered approach for returning to normal will be best for everyone.

Summer classes things will stay the same ie. 8 clients max ‘in studio’ and the remaining clients on zoom. Equipment classes will go back to 4 clients per class.

From the 19th July, our changing room will again be open if you care to use it. Please feel free to bring a bag with your belongings into the main studio as you are doing now, if you prefer. As this is a small space, to help minimise contact with others we request that there are no more than 3 people in the changing room at any one time and please continue to be respectful of congestion within passing areas.

From September half term 1, classes will return to 12 client max in studio for mat classes.

For the summer and September half term 1 classes we would still like you to bring your own mats and small items of equipment. We will then reassess this for the November half term 2.

If you plan to attend Instudio classes now or in the future, please read on…


1. ARRIVAL – In order to avoid congestion at the centre, please arrive to class no more than 5 minutes before the class start time.  On arrival, please wait outside in the courtyard until you see the teacher has finished cleaning the floor between classes and please only enter if no one else is in the foyer. Please only one person at a time in the foyers.

Please wear a mask or face shield in Pure Moves except for when you are on your mat. We understand if you cannot wear a face covering, but please be aware of others and keep your distance.

Please use the hand sanitiser dispensers before entering the building. 

Please remove your shoes in foyer and place in your bag before entering the studio. (There will be a chair there for you to sit on if you need it)

2. EQUIPMENT – Please bring in your own (for the time being)

Bag – large enough to store all your belongings

Mat – There are many choices out there, but we recommend a thicker Pilates style one compared to a yoga mat.

Towel – for head support, etc

Small equipment – band and ball are desired, but your teacher will always come up with alternatives if you don’t have one. You can purchase these items from Pure Moves or bring one from home.

If you attend an equipment class in the Small Studio please bring a bag to store your belongings in and please bring a band and a ball however you will not need a mat.

3. CHANGING ROOM – now reopen.

4. LOOS – if you need to use the loo before or after class, please avoid waiting outside a cubicle. To respect social distancing please wait outside in the courtyard or away from the cubicle entrances until it is safe to go through. 

5. ENTERING STUDIOS – when entering the studio please take the furthest vacant mat from the entrance door to help retain social distancing of 2 metres. 

6. MAT PLACEMENT – in line with government regulations, the studios have been re-configured to ensure 2 metres social distancing can be maintained. Your teacher will instruct you on where to position your mat. 

7. MASKS – the wearing of masks during class is not mandatory but you are welcome to do so for your own added protection ensuring that it doesn’t affect your breathing. 

8. DEPARTING CLASS – your teacher will open the studio exit door for you. Please put on your mask when leaving. Please wait for the person in the foyer to put their shoes on and depart before you move through to put your own shoes on and depart. Please use hand sanitiser provided. Your teacher will be busy in their break between classes to ensure everything is ready for the next class. Therefore, if you need to speak with one of them please email them direct or phone them at an agreed time. Thank you.

If you wish to chat with any of your fellow classmates afterwards, we request that you do so either in the car park, or in the garden, but please remember to keep 2 metres from entry ways and the path. Please do not hang out in the staff car park/courtyard adjacent to the building, unless waiting for your class to start. 

9. CLEANING – The studio will be cleaned professionally during the week. After you depart and before the next class the teacher will mop the floors with disinfectant, ready for the next class. Please avoid placing anything on the windowsills. Avoid touching the walls, doors and windowsills when possible. If you wish for anything to be opened like windows or curtains or lights to be switched on, please ask the teacher to do this.

10. VENTILATION – where and when possible, windows and doors will be open in the studios during and between classes.


To ensure we meet the required social distancing guidelines we have reduced our IN STUDIO mat classes to a maximum of 8 clients and equipment is 4 clients max. We have adjusted class times to minimise congestion during changeovers.  We have implemented clean down procedures before and after every class, and more frequent cleaning of the premises, installation of hand dryers in the loos, as well as hand sanitiser stations in and outside of the building. Reformer bars and handles have been replaced with wipeable handles and class programmes revised to ensure exercise is safe

Covid-19 agreement

If you are in the high-risk category we recommend and prefer to see you online for any Pilates sessions.   Pure Moves have followed Government guideline safety measures for helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19.  If you feel uncomfortable at any point before or during your session with regards to your health or safety of any kind, you confirm that you understand it is your responsibility to immediately express your concerns to the teacher.  I understand that there is a potential risk of transmission of Coronavirus (Covid-19) as a result of attending Pure Moves studio

Foremost, in order to protect all our clients, teachers and staff, we ask that no one takes unnecessary risks – if you are feeling the slightest bit unwell (cold or otherwise) or have come into contact with someone with Covid-19 symptoms, please don’t come to the centre. We will be offering Zoom spaces for all mat classes, so you won’t be physically or financially out of pocket. And if you have been abroad to a country with quarantine requirements, please do stay at home for the full 10 days.