MASTERCLASSES with Liz Chandler (for teachers)

For teachers: TOUCHING SHOULDERS AND MORE with Liz Chandler Saturday 8th May, 10:00am – 12:15pm, (2 hrs 15 mins) ,  £45 A practical master class for teachers focusing on improving shoulder mechanics and health. We will cover a range of exercises and techniques (Pilates, Somatics and more) that release tension, create space, improve alignment, mobility, stability and strength for healthy shoulders and… Read more →

online workshop: MOBILISE YOUR SPINE with Clare Hoddinott

MOBILISE YOUR SPINE with ClareTuesday 13th April, 9.30am – 10:45am, £15 includes handouts A short satisfying sequence of Pilates exercises, gently mobilising and strengthening the spine and deep postural muscles. During this class we will work through the individual exercises detailing the activation of the key muscle groups to ensure accurate movements. We will organise the use of breath to create the flow,… Read more →

online workshop: FREE YOUR SHOULDERS with Clare Hoddinott

FREE YOUR SHOULDERS with Clare HoddinottTuesday 13th April, 6pm – 7:15pm, £15 includes handouts Modern lifestyles often mean we are sat a lot, whether that’s at a desk for work or commuting.Our head is drawn forwards, our shoulders hunch and our back rounds, as we fatigue and slouch. Over time this posture is maintained when we are away from our desks and it becomes a normal ingrained habit. … Read more →

Teacher workshops and masterclasses

Scroll down for upcoming Shoulder and Vertical Pilates masterclasses. FASCIAL FITNESS WITH PILATES –  Liz Chandler 24th April, 10:00am – 1:00pm25th April, 10:30am – 12:30pmCost £95 or £80 (if booked by April 3rd) This workshop is now fully booked but if you’re interested in future dates we would love to hear from you.  Open to all Pilates teachers and any other movement… Read more →

Online Yoga & Pilates day with Bea and Liz

Let’s be in touch, come to your senses… A day of yoga, Pilates, reflection and meditation with Liz Chandler and Bea Fritzsching “To participate in life we must experience life through our five senses. We must see the world, hear its subtle messages, smell its flavours, taste its sweetness and touch its surface.” D. Wayne Dworsky Spend a day with… Read more →

Lockdown 3 update

All our Pilates MAT classes and Qi-gong classes will be running via zoom for the duration of lockdown3 and we will resume our instudio classes as soon as lockdown restrictions cease. Our scheduled Equipment classes are currently suspended until further notice and will resume at the earliest opportunity. Thanks for all your continued support and understanding. Read more →

Re-opening – December 2020 update!

Such great news that we can welcome you back to our IN STUDIO MAT classes and 1:1s on Wednesday 2nd December! From Wednesday 2nd December to Friday 18th December our Half term 2 MAT CLASS timetable resumes as normal , with the exception of Sophy’s Wednesday 9.15am and 10.30am classes which will continue via zoom for the rest of half… Read more →