ONLINE WORKSHOP: Sound Bath Meditation with Tallulah Rendall

We are excited to announce Tallulah Rendall will be offering a sound bath journey on Thursday 13th August. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting Tallulah’s sound meditations sessions at Pure Moves previously and the online format is just as wonderful.  If you haven’t already tried a sound bath before, we highly recommend that you do!… This sound meditation session will… Read more →


These classes are open to all Pure Moves clients and can be booked on a single purchase drop-in basis, no matter who your regular teacher is. They won’t be listed on ClassSwap so please book directly with the teacher. The existing library of recorded classes on ClassSwap will also continue to be available, so that you can keep active all through the summer.… Read more →


KNEES with Clare Hoddinott Wednesday 22nd July, 6pm-7:15pm, £15 per person Stiff knees? Achy knees? Weak knees? Could your knees be taking the strain from your stiff hips, restricted ankles or collapsed foot arches? Knees are halfway between the foot/ankle and the hip/pelvis areas and often take the brunt of the effort and become a weak link within the kinetic chain. Improving… Read more →

New ONLINE WORKSHOPS: Healthy Happy FEET with Trish

HEALTHY, HAPPY FEET with Trish Smith Saturday 11th July, 10am – 12pm, £20 per person Learn how you can get healthier and happier feet with this workshop. You will focus on improving mobility in the feet, specifically the ability to pronate and supinate. By the end of the workshop, your feet will be more dynamic, mobile, and agile so you have the support you… Read more →

Studio update July 2020

The summer solstice has passed and unfortunately our wait for news of when we can welcome back clients to our studios continues. We really do miss seeing everyone in person and the physical contact! But sadly we must wait a little while longer. However, we do hope to reopen our studios doors for distanced 1:1s very soon, both on Pilates equipment and mat work. If… Read more →


QIGONG SPECIAL with Eva WarmanThursday 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th July, 4pm-5pm£10 for one session, or £30 for 4 Session One “Qigong for a calm Heart, reducing Anxiety”Gentle movements to calm jittery energy, help to ground you and strengthen the Heart. Session Two “Qigong for the Lungs”Opening the chest, keeping the shoulders free and working Lung meridian and points. Session… Read more →

Studio update June 2020

First up, a heartfelt thanks for the amazing support our community gave to Liz’s Masks for NHS Heroes Charity class on Wednesday 15th April.  This SINGLE CLASS raised a massive £1250.00 💙Thank you, so much. Musings on the Coronavirus and how Pilates has helped us cope… In a recent blog post by Pilates teacher, Samm Lou Vince, asked these 3 questions. They seem so relevant, right… Read more →

Online classes and temporary studio closure update

Like most businesses, our doors have been closed. How we miss our beautiful space, seeing everyone in person and the physical contact! However, we are Pilates-ing on, thanks to the wonderful support of our community.  We moved our studios online and we now offer a range of classes of different levels, morning and evening, 5 days a week, with 30… Read more →