Pilates Equipment Classes

eqipment-montageWe hope our equipment classes will be starting again in October 2020. Equipment sessions are still available in a 1:1 setting.

These classes are open to those with 6 weeks or more Pilates mat experience. With four students per class, equipment sessions offer high-quality tuition. No prior Pilates experience is needed for 1:1 work.

Pilates equipment sessions are also available in a 1:1 setting for sports performance enhancement, rehabilitation or general fitness.

Joe Pilates designed his equipment to provide support for the body during exercise, using tensioned springs to give resistance in order to strengthen and stretch the musculature.

The equipment can be used to assist movement, guiding the body into positions that would normally be difficult to achieve and allowing the muscles and joints to lengthen beyond their usual capacity.

The equipment provides an incredible amount of kinaesthetic feedback making you aware of dominant muscles patterns or uneven recruitment tendencies. Equally it can be used to decrease stability making exercises extremely difficult.

The diversity of the equipment means that it can be enjoyed by almost anyone, people with pain or injuries to the tennis professional.

The Reformer
Despite the intimidating name the Pilates reformer is actually an elegant piece of equipment that aids the development of core strength while working the arms and legs, and increasing flexibility.

The main frame looks like a bed but the moving carriage and resistance springs allow the user to lie, sit, kneel and stand while exercising.

The Tower
Classes involving the tower system combine matwork with resistance springs. The tower enables you to build on your strength while improving your flexibility. It is a dynamic and fun workout that adds another dimension to your Pilates training.

The Cadilac
Is a large piece of equipment that Joe Pilates originally designed to work with bedridden clients.It is essentially a large frame built around a couch that has resistance springs . You can isolate almost every muscle group on the machine – it is an excellent tool for breaking down motion into small pieces to restore correct movement patterns.

Joe went on to develop the Cadilac repertoire to include exercises that challenge all abilities. Many exercises resemble movements found in a wide range of sports and dance. You will see the Cadilac in use in the two bottom photos on the left.The Cadilac and the chair are used in 1:1 sessions.

The Chair or ‘Wunda’ Chair

The first chair was designed by Joseph Pilates to convert quickly and easily into an armchair hence its name.

The chair is great for standing or seated work. It is spring-loaded and can be adjusted to make exercises easier or more difficult.