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Claire has been involved in sport throughout her life, competing in hockey, trampolining and athletics at both school and university.  She trained at Chelsea School of Human Movement, Brighton University, and graduated with a BEd Hons to become a secondary school teacher of Physical Education.  As a teacher she coached her students to high standards allowing some them to be selected for county and international positions in athletics and hockey.

After 20 years of full time teaching, Claire retrained to become a Sports Massage therapist.  Whilst continuing to teach part time, she also worked for 4 seasons with her local Ryman league football team as their sports therapist , during that time extending her qualifications in sports injuries therapy.

Claire has also trained to be an advanced Myofascial Release therapist, following the John Barnes techniques.  She has visited the States to train with John himself and uses her experience to assist with the delivery of courses in London.

Claire continues to use her teaching skills by training new ITEC Sports Massage therapists and Sports therapy degree students at Kent University.

Claire’s knowledge of anatomy and movement within a vast range of sports allows her to understand restriction issues that her many clients bring to her.

In 2012 Claire was one of the few Sports Massage therapists selected to treat athletes at both the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Here she worked with international Olympic rowers and kayakers at their sports specific village in Egham and at the competition site Eton Dorney and treated the military personnel, then with Paralympic athletes at the main Olympic Park.  In 2014, Claire treated the Commonwealth Games athletes in Glasgow, helping to prepare them for competition.

Claire’s clients have travelled from Edinburgh, New York and the Pyrenees and ranged from Olympic athletes, opera singers, semi-professional sports men and women to office workers and adolescents.

To continue with her professional development, Claire is training to be a Pilates instructor.  This will enable her clients to strengthen their realignment and balanced movement.

FHT-logoClaire is a member of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists).

Myofascial release

Myofascial release is a highly effective treatment approach that focuses on releasing the restrictions in the fascial system of the body. When an individual has a movement restriction with associated pain that appears to have no cause and when investigated with hospital body scanning equipment still no cause is found, this is usually a fascial restriction.  Patients are as a result often left with undiagnosed pain and confronted by the thought that they have to live with this pain or discomfort.

The John Barnes MFR technique is non-invasive and a gentle, hands-on, soft tissue approach that works on releasing the fascial network of the whole body. The technique requires the application of gentle, sustained pressure upon restricted tissue. As the restrictions yield the pressure is maintained in order to follow the trail deeper until the tissue becomes more pliable and the ground substance melts back into its fluid state. These releases remove the tensile pressure from pain sensitive structures such as nerves and blood vessels and restore the alignment, functionality and mobility to muscles and joints.

After the treatment, the client often feels as if the ‘ straight jacket’ of pressure has been removed. They are able to adopt a more balanced posture which enables ease of movement and a greater sense of positive energy flowing throughout the body.

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Sports Injuries Massage

Sports Injuries Massage focuses on treating chronic pain aiding recovery from recent injury, improving range of movement, flexibility and promoting all round wellness.  Sports massage can enhance a person’s performance, endurance, and mental focus for any event. Recovery from an injury can be accelerated and scar tissue formation can be prevented.

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Stress Relief Massage

Stress relief massage will not only loosen these muscles, but provides time to ‘switch off’ both mentally and physically.  Stress Relief will restore energy levels, alleviate pain, reduce blood pressure, and promotes the relaxation and re-balance of the body’s natural state.

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Women’s Health

Many women suffer unnecessary discomfort and pain after surgical procedures to the breast area or the pelvic floor and after child birth.  Myofascial Release with its light sustained pressure is a gentle form of treatment that listens to the body’s needs and does not use force to release restrictions.

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Prenatal Massage

Prenatal or pregnancy massage is designed to relax muscle tension and improve blood circulation. Not only can this treatment alleviate muscle strain on your back, neck and abdomen and shoulders, it can also significantly reduce anxiety and serve as a supplement to complete prenatal care.

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