Why do Pilates at Pure Moves – what sets us apart?

What style of Pilates can you expect at Pure Moves?

There are many forms and variations of Joseph Pilates contrology exercises, but most teaching will fall into either ‘classical’ or ‘contemporary’ groups. The ‘classical’ method closely follows the original Joseph Pilates regime with exercises being performed in a particular order in every class.

To learn more about the origins of Pilates click here.

At Pure Moves we offer a contemporary approach

This is an adaptive style which allows for greater flexibility in it’s teaching, to suit client’s individual needs and 21st century lifestyles. Contemporary teaching takes the bio-mechanical principles of Pilates and applies them to all physical movement. This is why this method works particularly well for sports people and rehabilitation.

Our Pilates teachers have all been professionally trained to the highest standards from teaching establishments such as Body Control Pilates and the Pilates Foundation.

Pure Moves teachers have backgrounds in both ‘classical’ and ‘contemporary’ training and their expert knowledge of Joseph Pilates exercises will help you get the very best from every class that you attend.

We have excellent Pilates teachers who are all fully qualified and are committed to continuing professional development. Read more about them here.

Our Pilates classes

We offer mat and equipment classes for all levels as well as specialist classes for Back Care and Better Bones.

Expert Instruction

All of our teachers have been through extensive and rigorous Pilates training of over 800 to 1600 hours (not just a weekend). The teachers continue with yearly professional development and all belong to professional bodies that govern Pilates standards and codes of practice.

Our dedicated teachers are passionate about their craft and whether you are considering Pilates for rehabilitation, sport performance enhancement or improved fitness and well being they will help you to progress and achieve your goals.

Meet our teachers here.

Specialised Experience

Pure Moves teachers stand out as they have a wealth of specialised  training, experience and backgrounds. These range from remedial, elite sports, dancers, equestrian, pre/postnatal, older populations, neurological conditions, fascial fitness, massage and even barefoot running.

Pilates teachers at Pure Moves are renowned for their progressive, safe, and hands on approach, for their attention to detail and their caring ability to cater for the needs of the individual.

Small Class Sizes

Our Pilates mat classes are limited to 12 clients.
Our Reformer/equipment classes are limited to 4 clients per session to give you more attention.

Fully equipped Studios

All that you need:

We have two studios that are dedicated purely to Pilates and house state of the art Pilates equipment: Pilates Reformers, Cadillac, Chair and additional apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates.

Our main mat studio is equipped with all that you need for your Pilates mat classes; comfy mats, and  array of Pilates apparatus for every client. Whether you are looking to be challenged, made more comfortable or aided during stretches or exercises we are able to meet your needs.


£10 per mat class

£16 per equipment class

£55 for 1:1 intro (1 hour 15 min)

£70 for 2:1 intro (1 hour 15 min)

£80 for 3:1 intro

£40 – £45 (price dependent on teacher experience) for ongoing 1:1 sessions (1 hour)